Ventas Annual Report

A Dynamic Performance
This annual report for Ventas was designed to exhibit the company's outstanding financial performance
for the year. Like a fine orchestra, every element of the business has to be in tune in order to achieve success. The use of dramatic "Caravagio-esque" photography and elegant typography made this annual command
attention and resonate with its key stakeholders. 
This annual won a bronze medal by the International ARC awards for Best Annual Report Photography. 
The original design used a mixture of coated paper for the images and uncoated paper with a linen finish for
the rest of the body. With permission, Neenah Paper reprinted the entire annual on its uncoated lines to include
in its national sales samples. This gave us a rare opportunity to see our design come to life in two distinct
and dramatics ways. 
The photography was shot in studio and on set at the Pick-Staiger Concert Hall at Northwestern University. 
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