Creating Identity

 Creating Identity
First impressions. Lasting impressions.
At Slattery Design Group, we are experts at the craft of brand image development. Our process is not just about creating a logo. That’s the easy part. It’s really about discovering and expressing who you are. We have a tried and true approach which leads us to a solution that is uniquely you. 
Our goal is to help you build a brand expression that best resonates with your target audience and creates a lasting impression. One that is strong, memorable and built to stand the test of time. 
Or, perhaps you have an existing brand that needs focus and direction. Through our strategic design and marketing expertise, we help companies breathe new life into stagnant or misaligned brands through a process which keeps them current, consistent and properly positioned to thrive. Because whether you are a start up
or a world-class brand, one person or thousands, 
your identity is the face you present to the marketplace. 
What face do you want to show to the world?
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