AMA ECM hub Identity

Bringing A New Perspective to AMA
The American Medical Association's Enterprise Communications and Marketing (ECM) department,
went through more than a corporate re-organization. It created an new mindset and approach to how
it functioned and facilitated its key constituents. Sdg was brought on to develop a new mark for the
internal organization, as well as create a visual expression for its launch event. 
To introduce the new organization, we developed an iron-cross piece that was personalized for each team member. The piece had a series of cards nested in the center with their names, titles and new roles. 
The new ECM hub identity and positioning was unveiled at an offsight meeting and team building event held on the stage of the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park. A video carousel looped AMA branded images woven with inspirational quotes to elevate the tone and enhance the atmosphere of the keynote presentation. 
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